Our Team of linux experts

Bhavanishankar Ravindra, Co Founder

Bhavanishankar is Directpr and co-founder of Crowdczar KFT which is focused on  Digital, IoT and Analytics industry domains specializing in cloud, opensource and linux platforms. He has more than 8 years  of rich and insightful end-to-end product and software development experience in  global industry segments. Bhavanishankar has designed and developed some of  the very complex systems in Middleware, IoT, Cloud automaton , n-tier web  applications, etc and  spread across  Banking, Manufacturing, IT and Product  engineering with opensource and linux platforms as his primary focus area.

He has won many civilian awards for his work in the IT and disability sector in India Notable being UNESCAP medal from United Nations Bangkok and Helen Keller award as a role model in 2013 and National award from the Honourable President of India in 2017

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