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Our Team


About us

  • Crowdczar KFT was formed in November 2018 with a vision of providing tech based solutions in IT, ecommerce, digital marketing and technology based end to end consulting. 
  • Its headquartered in Budapest Hungary.
  •  With its founder having strong international recognition for his work in Technology we have also expanded our consulting this year to investment consulting in the technology sector for our clients.


  •  Company established in october 2018
  • Gross revenue generated in 2019 and 2020: USD 70000
  •  Net revenue generated 21000 USD around – Liabilities: 0 USD (completely bootstrapped from promoter’s own funds)
  •  EBITDA: around 30-35 percent.
  • Present day – Doing consulting for european based clients (VC’s) as a technical review for their investment in addition to digital marketing and web development consultancy for private clients.

Our team

Bhavanishankar Ravindra

Co Founder

Bhavi is the main brain behind Crowdczar KFT with a vision of a diversity centric approach to technology. He has more than 11 years of rich and insightful end-to-end product and software development experience in global industry segments.

He has won many civilian awards for his work in the IT and disability sector in India Notable being UNESCAP medal from United Nations Bangkok and Helen Keller award as a role model in 2013 and National award from the Honorable President of India in 2017

Urvashi Rajan


Urvashi is the driving force behind Crowdczar KFT having a vision of being women and diversity centric. She has done her MBA in Finance management with a particular focus on marketing management.

She has 5+ years of experience in the Banking sector in India, having worked on the investment banking segment for a leading private bank in India.

Experienced and Award-Winning Team!

Our Services

IT Sector

  • IT Consulting services.
  • IoT consulting services. (Smart homes and home automation)
  • E-commerce consulting services (digital marketing)
  • Investment consulting services in technology.
  • Product development/management.
  • Business services automation.

Our e-commerce offering

  • Store development using shopify and wordpress platform.
  • Social media management (Facebook, google, youtube ad setup and management)
  • High converting product search. – SEO consultancy.
  • Viral marketing/support automation.

Case Studies

Case study – Dynamic sports Gear

  • Website launched in January 2019
  • Had made 45000 dollars in revenue before sell off in october 2019 and having earned 12000 dollars as profit being a fully automated store (from order processing to support)
  • Order processing automation was done via plugins and support automation was done via klaviyo for email support.
  • Handling organic growth of facebook page (had 38k organic followers on facebook at the time of handoff )
  • Facebook page:

A look into organic traffic

  • We handled digital marketing for the new owner until April 2020 till the client decided to pause store due to the present scenario, have processed around 1200 orders through organic traffic (75% of the total orders via facebook driven organic traffic, due to brand identity built on FB to cut down marketing costs).
  • For support automation setting up autoresponder flow on facebook messenger has shown results to higher conversions.
  • For email automation, setting up flows on Klaviyo has reduced cart abandonments as an instance (Next slide)

A look into the Facebook metrics

 Thanks to the following on facebook and thorough a/b ad testing (actual screenshot below) we were able to grow and mature pixel bit faster after store launch.

RoAS and ad metric impact

 Due to the fast growth of the pixel we were able to
reduce adspend and increase RoAS and RoI via custom
audience targeting. (EMDAD = Enhanced Metric
Detection and Deployment methodology)

The product in question to be tested was the posture corrector which was priced at $24.99 and we were successful in bringing down adspend to around $5-$7 per posture corrector purchase through our efficient marketing strategies. –

Case study – Company Technical Review


  • One of our European clients came to us with a requirement of doing a stealth mode analysis regarding an eastern european company to understand their technical offerings from an investment standpoint to enable them to make a decision.
  • Our holistic approach and TAT of less than a day enabled them to make an informed decision within couple of days based on factors such as professional presence, code contributions, tech stack viability etc thereby saving them considerable costs compared to traditional methods.
  • Work sample: xkISM_QwKZ/view?usp=sharing


In case of any further queries regarding our services offered, please write to us at and we will get back to you